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The Road Trip Continues: San Francisco

The road trip continues from Napa to San Francisco.  Sarah had to fly home for a few days, so this one was all me.  I didn’t really mind, I like traveling solo and that gave me more time to catch up with my friend Alan, one of the friends that I was originally traveling in […]

Napa, CA: Welcome to Wine Country

After recovering from our 3 week sleep deficit in Portland, we embarked on out ten hour drive to wine country – Napa, California.  Ever since our visit in Napa, I feel like my senses are heightened.  My sense of smell is stronger.  I keep getting whiffs of random things and can pick out exactly what […]

Bellingham and Seattle, WA: Visiting Friends and Emergency Rooms

After some minor trouble at the Canadian border, we headed to Bellingham, WA to see our friend from college, Jonny. To be honest, the first night is a bit blurry. Copious amounts of alcohol were consumed.     After settling in, we all headed out for some food and beer at a local brewpub. Eating […]

Neature Walks In National Parks: Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier

We weren’t particularly interested in seeing Mount Rushmore – or as Sarah refers to it “the faces” – but it was kind of on the way to Yellowstone so we figured we had to check it out. At the very least, snap a picture and leave – which is exactly what we did. To enter […]

The Badlands

On our way to the badlands, we stopped at a Midas in some town in South Dakota to get an oil change. The man at the front desk asked why we were going to the badlands. He said prepare to be bored. He turned out to be very wrong. The drive through South Dakota was […]

Chicago: Reunited and It Feel So Good!!

Day One: After almost 10 hours of driving, we arrived in Chicago from Niagara. We could have gotten there in an hour less time if we drove through Canada, but without our data/ Google Maps working we knew it would turn into an even longer trip. What did we do before gps? Or even Mapquest?! […]

From Boston to NY to Niagara: The Road Trip Begins

After 3 months living the funemployment life in Portland, I flew out to Boston to watch Sarah become a doctor real quick before starting our road trip. Immediately after the hooding ceremony, we grabbed some free food at the reception, escorted Sarah’s directionally challenged mother (sorry Val, it’s true) to her car, and head off […]