Bali Wrap Up in Photos


Kuta: Getting robbed, volcano eruptions, and the importance of travel insurance

After Amed, we rode back to Ubud to return our motorbikes and then took a taxi out to Kuta. Kuta is a beach town in southern Bali known for surfing and partying (mostly partying). The guys had been before and didn’t have too much interest in going again but I had never been so I […]

Amed and WTF mountain

After Lovina, we headed east to Amed – a beach town with a coral reef right off the coast line. It was pretty much just one road the whole way there but we had to drive through a city, Singaraja, to get to it. People were motioning for us to slow down on our motorbikes […]

Lovina and Sekumpul waterfalls

lThe ride to Lovina was about 4 hours from Ubud. It was a really beautiful ride, winding through different village and passing through rice paddies. We took some back roads that were a little sketchy at times (unpaved roads beside a cliff with no guardrail) but was overall a nice ride. We were getting hungry […]

Ubud, Bali

Ubud, Bali After getting off the plane in Denpasar and making my way through the visa line, I finally met up with Alan and Dylan. We grabbed some waters and then headed to the cab they had waiting (which we then actually switched to another car because this driver scratched his trying to get out […]